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Pearl Lam

Interview with gallerist Pearl Lam

Julia Champtaloup interviews Ms Lam, founder of Pearl Lam Galleries, who is at the forefront of reimagining China's cultural place in the world, having established one of Asia’s most culturally ambitious contemporary art galleries with bases in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Lam is also known for her work as an active arts patron, collector and curator, as well as for founding the China Art Foundation in 2008


Wellness On The Shores Of Lake Wakitipu NZ

Aro-ha Wellness Retreat, Queenstown, NZ

Everyone's talking about it and once you've taken a look at Aro-ha, you will see why. If you need to power down and hit 'refresh', head to Queenstown and partake in a wellness retreat on the edge of the beautiful Lake Wakitipu