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A Magazine is a definitive online arts and lifestyle hub, devoted to bringing our readers the latest in food, culture, design and travel – all that enriches our lives. Designed for the modern adventurer, A Magazine is your guide to fascinating tales and sensational experiences from all around the world.


Curated by founder, editor and seasoned traveller, Susan Harte brings her own sense of style to the magazine. At A Magazine we search and filter ideas bringing you fabulous content married with life experiences from our contributors around the globe. A Magazine delivers a trustworthy source of information and entertainment for you to delve into at your leisure.


We know that in our busy lives we are constantly bombarded with information, so we pride ourselves on our selective eye, sharing only what we think is the very best of what’s out there: unique restaurants, under-the-radar art exhibitions, quirky, one-of a-kind holidays - luxury mixed with a little attitude. We are dedicated to exploring and creating, selecting and sharing ideas that will inspire you, not overwhelm you.


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Susan Harte, Sydney


A former lawyer, Susan's career and family life took her from New Zealand to London, France, New York and Sydney where she now lives with her husband and three children. She loves the old and well worn but appreciates the new and the modern.

Rebecca Ryba, New York

Creative Director

Rebecca has spent the last six years travelling across Europe, North & South America and Asia. A photographer and graphic designer, she most recently worked with prominent curator, Neville Wakefield, in New York and as a photography teacher in Paris. Rebecca has a Fine Arts degree with Honours and a Diploma in Graphic Design.  

Jo Pinnegar, Sydney

Marketing Manager and Associate Editor

Specialising in marketing communications and copy writing, Jo has more than 20 years experience writing and editing in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia. A true blue Brit, Jo is now enjoying the sunshine as a Sydney-sider, and has a penchant for a good story.

Toby Blyth, Sydney


Toby reads, learns languages and collects art. In his spare time, he is a commercial litigator in a large law firm in Sydney's CBD.

Julia Champtaloup, Sydney


Julia helped to establish Art Month Sydney, a contemporary art festival now in its fourth year. Being a supporter of artists and their projects has taken her to many of the world’s art hot spots and exhibitions. She is currently working with several not-for-profit organisations to support art projects and artist residencies. Julia is also a photographer and instagram addict. 

Rachel Ang, Melbourne


Rachel holds Bachelor degrees in Fine Art and Architecture. As an artist she has shown work in a number of Melbourne Artist Run Initiatives, including Blindside, Platform, Seventh Gallery, Mailbox 141, and TCB Art Inc. Currently she works in a small but very fun architecture studio in Fitzroy. In her spare time Rachel enjoys running and rearranging objects.

Beth Whitman, New York


Our NY contributor, is a freelance writer and photographer and lives in Greenwich Village with her family. She has a Masters in Journalism and is passionate about all things New York.

Natasha Gammell, Sydney


Born in Rome; raised in Buenos Aires, London and Sydney - this cultural journalist spent her more recent years in India and Los Angeles. Other than family, the one thing that remains a constant in the 25 year-old’s itinerant life is an obsession with the arts. An English Lit. graduate; she is fascinated with Classics, utterly moved by Ian McEwan, never falls asleep in the theatre, attempts E-minor guitar and pines to return to Edinburgh Festival. She also dreams of riding bareback in Durango but that can only happen after her life swap with Frida Kahlo.

Rooksana Hossenally, Paris


Rooksana (aka @rooksanah) was born in London and has lived in Istanbul, Mauritius, South India, the Isle of Wight, Barcelona and Paris. Being a complete travel addict she is hard to track down, but when she isn’t halfway across the world, she can be found in Paris, where she currently lives and works. She has collaborated with various other publications including The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, The Huffington Post and Dazed Digital.

Marc Bouchard, Sydney


Marc was born in Paris. He spent most of his childhood in France, Africa and America and for the last decade Marc has been living between Sydney and Paris. He has a background in advertising, interior styling, photography and fine arts. His most recent work is in the music industry.

Tina Gomes Brand, Sydney


Tina Gomes Brand has lived in various cities, from Los Angeles to Lahore. She trained in public relations, but a strong interest in food culture has her involved equally in that field. With an abiding loyalty to the arts, she has entertained in various homes, and been actively involved in art institutions, helping host and promote their events. Most recently, she served on the board of the Institute of Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum. In the United States, she developed recipes and wrote a regular column for Virginia Living magazine.

Alisha Buaya, Sydney


Alisha is currently studying journalism and hopes for a career in publications and broadcast. A self confessed trivia nerd, her passions include art, music, film, books, travel and a good cup of coffee. She has traveled to the Philippines and the United States; citing Chicago, New York and Indianapolis as her favourites. She dreams of extensive globe trotting and especially going to Coachella, Lollapalooza and Glastonbury music festivals. 


Jos Budge, Sydney

Carson Gray Elias, Middle East

Helen Hayes, Sydney

Georgi Waddy, New Zealand


Richard Foulser, New York